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Urban Nirvana offers professional and therapeutic Thai Massage with RMT’s and holistic practitioners. We also offer Yoga classes with experienced teachers.

Urban Nirvana is an Eastern-style spa with a modern twist. Our RMT’s provide receipts for your health insurance provider. Corporate packages available – we come to your office!

Urban Nirvana; the most authentic and traditional Thai massage studio in Toronto. An Eastern-style Spa with a modern twist.

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  • Thai Massage Workshop

    Thai Massage Workshop

    Learn how to give and receive a Thai massage

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  • Thai Massage Retreat

    Thai Massage Retreat

    Thai massage Retreat this Fall

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  • Thai Massage Specials

    Thai Massage Specials

    Book a Thai Massage Today!

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"Thai Yoga massage provides a comprehensive full body massage that will leave you feeling stretched, relaxed and balanced."


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  1. What is offered at Urban Nirvana?

    Urban Nirvana Thai Massage Spa offers relaxation and rejuvenation Massage and Yoga through professional holistic healing practices: Thai and Swedish massage treatments; RMT, Aromatherapy; Reflexology, Thai Herbal Therapy. We also offer private and semi-private and group Yoga Classes in our rooftop studio with instructors who are passionate about Yoga. Additionally, we host Yoga and Massage Workshops and Retreats.

  2. What is Thai massage and how is it different from other massage or healing modalities?

    Thai massage is considered to be “assisted yoga”; the practitioner puts the client into a series of yoga-like stretches throughout the session. Thai massage is essentially like having Yoga done for you. Thai massage is also known to be more energizing than most forms of massages. There is an interesting dichotomy with Thai massages, as it renders both relaxation and invigoration.

  3. Will my extended health care plan cover the costs of massage therapy treatments?

    At Urban Nirvana, we do have RMT (Registered Massage Therapists) available, who give Thai massage treatments and give a receipt that you can submit to your health care provider. You must ask specifically for an RMT if you have coverage. We also have Thai Massage Practitioners  who have Holistic licenses. Some extended healthcare plans include Holistic treatments. We provide receipts for all treatments.

  4. How often should I visit?

    If you are working through an injury or discomfort, we recommend you come in for a Thai massage once a week until you have recovered. For maintenance, come in for a massage at least once a month to uphold the benefits. Your body will tell you when you need a follow up massage treatment.

  5. Do I have to be athletic or a certain age?

    No! We have clients of all ages and of all body types. You do not have to be flexible or particularly athletic to receive a Thai massage. Urban Nirvana has teachers and practitioners that cater to all  levels.

  6. Do you offer gift certificates?

    Yes we do! We offer gift certificates AND gift cards. An Urban Nirvana gift certificates/cards are a great way to show someone how much you care.

  1. Personable, friendly, client oriented and professional.

    - Cuthbert D.
  2. It’s a lovely, relaxing enviroment. The practitioners are sincere with a true sense of caring.I have recommended Liam already to a friend!!

    - Jean D.
  3. From the moment I enter Urban Nirvana, I immediately slow down. It feels like a small sanctuary in the midst of this bustling city. The staff welcome you with a smile and attend to your every need, offering tea while you wait. The decor, music and natural essential oil scents, all contribute to a zen moment. And you haven’t even begun to enter the charming massage room.

    The massage space is beautiful, quiet and relaxing. Having never had an authentic Thai massage, I was a little nervous, but within minutes I felt complete trust in my therapist’s knowledgeable hands. My muscles never felt better and the feeling in my body afterwards was just unbelievable. It is a gift to your body and had to be the most incredible massage I have ever experienced. I really didn’t want it to end after 60 minutes. I’ve already booked for my next massage but this time I’m going for 90 minutes.

    My last words…treat’s worth every penny and your body will love you for it.

    - Kardow
  4. Thai massage at Urban Nirvana is amazing! My first experience I only had gentle pressure and it was wonderfully relaxing – I felt so light! I have been many times, regularly now and have worked my way up to strong pressure.  Since I’m a very active person, this helps loosen my tight muscles and prevent injury.

    - May A.
  5. I’ve been here multiple times, with my husband, with my mother, alone, and while pregnant. Each time has been good in the sense that I always left with something positive from the experience.

    - Zoe R.