Want Free Massages?

Earn $20 worth in points for every friend that you refer to Urban Nirvana.

1. Join

Signup or login with the same email address you used to confirm your treatment.

2. Refer

Enter the email address of a friend, and they will receive 20% off their first treatment.

3. Earn

You will automatically receive 2,000 points that you can use towards free treatment, once your friend uses their discount.

Common Questions About Our Referral Program

Why didn't I receive my points after entering the email address of a friend?

Thank you for referring a friend to enjoy a massage and save on their first treatment.  You will be rewarded once your friend purchases a treatment.  So make sure to followup with them. Remind them that their discount is only valid for 30 days after you refer them.

What is the limit on the number of friends that I can refer?

You can refer as as many friends as you like.  The more you refer the better your chances will be at earning more points.

What should I do if I used a different email address to join the rewards program than the one I used to confirm my treatment?

Please give us a call before referring a friend, so we can make sure we have your the correct email address on file.  Otherwise, our systems will not be able to reward you with points.

Are there more ways that I can earn points?

Great question! And yes, there are many ways that you can earn points towards free massages.

Save 20% On Your First Massage