Personal Training

Book your complementary fitness consultation and start your fitness journey today!

With our Functional Fitness Personal Training offered at our studio as a new service to integrate more strength and vitality into your everyday life, take advantage of  a complementary 30 min fitness assessment with Elena, our certified Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist. 

Fitness Consultation

Your initial fitness consultation will include fitness goals setting and lifestyle discussion, body fat analysis, functional movement screening with postural assessment and a plan to achieve your new desired level of fitness and vitality. If you have any postural imbalances or joint mobility problems due to chronic patterns or past injuries, you will understand how to correct that with simple exercises and feel healthy and powerful in your body. Whether your goal is to loose fat, gain muscle definition, feel strong and confidant in your body, gain strength through the improved range of motion – Elena will make your fitness journey safe, fun and successful!

Personal Training Packages Pricing:

$90 per individual session

$85 per session in 5-session package

$80 per session in 10-session package

Elena Klymenko

S.BA. Kinesiology, ACE Personal Training, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga

Elena is an experienced and inspiring Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach (over over 16 years in fitness and kinesiology, over 8 years in yoga and meditation).  After immigrating to Canada in 2000, she decided to follow her passion for healthy active lifestyle, and became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with ACE and CanFitPro certifications. Working at the best clubs in Toronto and continuing her education with functional training, post-rehab, and specialized female training courses, she realized the value of studying in depth exercise physiology and biomechanics. Elena obtained her specialized honour degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University.  Consistently following her passion for effective, fun and mindful art of fitness, Elena has been helping lots of clients to achieve their fitness and health goals; teaching a variety of effective and fun yoga, dance and body sculpting classes. Elena’s intent is to share her passion for fitness, mindful movement, yoga, meditation, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Through her experience and knowledge in fitness, yoga, dance and modalities she is helping people to achieve their optimal fitness and well-being, look and feel radiant and beautiful, and find the infinite source of energy, strength and happiness within themselves.

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